Ezra Pound Poems

  • 251.  
    And then went down to the ship,
    Set keel to breakers, forth on the godly sea, andWe set up mast and sail on that swart ship,
  • 252.  
    Winter is icummen in,
    Lhude sing Goddamm,Raineth drop and staineth slop,
  • 253.  
    Sing we for love and idleness,
    Naught else is worth the having.
  • 254.  
    As cool as the pale wet leaves
    of lily-of-the-valleyShe lay beside me in the dawn.
  • 255.  
    No, no! Go from me. I have left her lately.
    I will not spoil my sheath with lesser brightness,For my surrounding air hath a new lightness;
  • 256.  
    I make a pact with you, Walt Whitman-
    I have detested you long enough.I come to you as a grown child
  • 257.  
    The tree has entered my hands,
    The sap has ascended my arms,The tree has grown in my breast-
Total 257 poems written by Ezra Pound

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Charles Hamilton Sorley Poem
All The Hills And Vales Along
 by Charles Hamilton Sorley

All the hills and vales along
Earth is bursting into song,
And the singers are the chaps
Who are going to die perhaps.
O sing, marching men,
Till the valleys ring again.
Give your gladness to earth's keeping,
So be glad, when you are sleeping.

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