Ezra Pound Poems

  • 151.  
    I can not bow to woo thee
    With honey words and flower kissesAnd the dew of sweet half-truths
  • 152.  
    What if I know thy speeches word by word?
    And if thou knew'st I knew them wouldst thou speak?What if I know thy speeches word by word,
  • 153.  
    I even I, am he who knoweth the roads
    Through the sky, and the wind thereof is my body.
  • 154.  
    This lady in the white bath-robe which she calls a
    peignoir,Is, for the time being, the mistress of my friend,
  • 155.  

  • 156.  

  • 157.  
    Ko-Jin goes west from Ko-kaku-ro,
    The smoke-flowers are blurred over the river.His lone sail blots the far sky.
  • 158.  
    Lord God of heaven that with mercy dight
    Th'alternate prayer wheel of the night and light Eternal hath to thee, and in whose sight
  • 159.  

  • 160.  
    You'd have men's hearts up from the dustAnd tell their secrets, Messire Cino,
  • 161.  
    M. Pom-POM allait en guerre
    Per vendere cannoniMon beau grand frère
  • 162.  
    Jove, be merciful to that unfortunate woman
    Or an ornamental death will be held to your debit,The time is come, the air heaves in torridity,
  • 163.  
    With minds still hovering above their testicles
    Certain poets here and in FranceStill sigh over established and natural fact
  • 164.  
    The sky-like limpid eyes,
    The circular infant's face,The stiffness from spats to collar
  • 165.  
    (Ex libris Graecæ)Theodorus will be pleased at my death,
  • 166.  
    Winter is icummen in,
    Lhude sing Goddamm,Raineth drop and staineth slop,
  • 167.  
    When the Taihaitian princess
    Heard that he had decided,She rushed out into the sunlight and swarmed up a
  • 168.  
    Come my cantilations,
    Let us dump our hatreds into one bunch and be done with them,Hot sun, clear water, fresh wind,
  • 169.  
    When earth's last thesis is copied
    From the theses that went before,When idea from fact has departed
  • 170.  

  • 171.  
    Let us deride the smugness of 'The Times': GUFFAW!
    So much for the gagged reviewers,It will pay them when the worms are wriggling in their
  • 172.  
    Cydonian Spring with her attendant train,
    Maelids and water-girls,Stepping beneath a boisterous wind from Thrace,
  • 173.  
    Red knights, brown bishops, bright queens,
    Striking the board, falling in strong â??L's ofcolour.
  • 174.  
    The baby new to earth and sky
    Has never until nowUnto himself the question put
  • 175.  
    O strange face there in the glass!
    O ribald company, O saintly host,O sorrow-swept my fool,
  • 176.  
    The family position was waning,
    And on this account the little Aurelia,Who had laughed on eighteen summers,
  • 177.  
    Turned from the 'eau-fortePar Jaquemart'
  • 178.  
    This man knew out the secret ways of love,
    No man could paint such things who did not know.And now she's gone, who was his Cyprian,
  • 179.  
    â??Being no longer human, why should I
    Pretend humanity or don the frail attire?Men have I known and men, but never one
  • 180.  
    In the cream gilded cabin of his steam yacht
    Mr. Nixon advised me kindly, to advance with fewerDangers of delay. 'Consider
  • 181.  
    They say the roads of Sanso are steep,
    Sheer as the mountains.The walls rise in a man's face,
  • 182.  
    I have tried to write Paradise

  • 183.  
    Earth's winter cometh
    And I being part of allAnd sith the spirit of all moveth in me
  • 184.  
    The jewelled steps are already quite white with dew,
    It is so late that the dew soaks my gauze stockings,And I let down the crystal curtain
  • 185.  
    The black panther lies under his rose tree
    And the fawns come to sniff at his sides:
  • 186.  
    Erinna is a model parent,
    Her children have never discovered her adulteries.Lalage is also a model parent,
  • 187.  
    Young men riding in the street
    In the bright new seasonSpur without reason
  • 188.  
    The black panther treads at my side,
    And above my fingersThere float the petal-like flames.
  • 189.  
    The lateral vibrations caress me,
    They leap and caress me, They work pathetically in my favour,
  • 190.  
    For God, our God is a gallant foe
    That playeth behind the veil.
  • 191.  
    O helpless few in my country, remnant enslaved!

  • 192.  
    Even in my dreams you have denied yourself to me
    And sent me only your handmaids.
  • 193.  
    Chant for the Transmutation of Metals

  • 194.  
    O Dieu, purifiez nos cceurs!
    Purifiez nos coeurs !
  • 195.  
    The pomps of butchery, financial power,
    Told 'em to die in war, and then to save,Then cut their saving to the half or lower;
  • 196.  
    The very small children in patched clothing,
    Being smitten with an unusual wisdom,Stopped in their play as she passed them
  • 197.  
    Lady, since you care nothing for me,And since you have shut me away from you
  • 198.  
    I ha' seen them 'mid the clouds on the heather.
    Lo! they pause not for love nor for sorrow,Yet their eyes are as the eyes of a maid to her lover,
  • 199.  
    I see by the morning papers
    That America's sturdy sonsHave started a investigation
  • 200.  
    At Rochecoart,
    Where the hills partin three ways,
Total 257 poems written by Ezra Pound

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But oh, to the woman over the sea
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The key in the latch and the strong, quick tread-
But oh, the woman over the sea

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