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  • 1.
    I was three by then, too younger.
    We used to take birth, with my father.
    My chuchu was very smaller.
    I wonderd my father's look stranger.
  • 2.
    Is a sparkle that starts with in the mind.
    When one is in the decisional line.
    To follow it with distinct care.
    Even through hell one will still bare.
  • 3.
    Life is a journey with definite begining.
    A journey of indefinite end.
    We know how and when it started.
    But we don't know how and when it will, end.
  • 4.
    Come, let me tell you a tale of a mother.
    Who climbed trees of pains, so further.
    Who passed through several hard times.
    Before her lifestyle grew right rehymes.
  • 5.
    When will your love expire..?
    When will it run dry..
    Will you love me against all odds..
    Or you leave me when the going gets tough?
  • 6.
    Our so called "heart"
    Is so delicate,
    That we don't need,
    Big boulders to cramble it.
  • 7.
    What a mighty and strong emotion you're.
    You're a mental venom that pollutes the spirit.
    You're a soul prisoner and a relationship breaker.
    You're so damaging and mind consuming.
  • 8.
    A careless friend may kindle a strife.
    A cruel friend may wreck a life.
    A bitter friend may hate instill.
    A brutal friend may smite and kill.
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