Ella Wheeler Wilcox Poems

  • 701.  
    Not we who daily walk the City's street;
    Not those who have been cradled in its heart,Best understand its architectural art,
  • 702.  
    A waft of perfume from a bit of lace
    Moved lightly by a passing woman's hand;And on the common street, a sensuous grace
  • 703.  
    In the rapture of life and of living,
    I lift up my heart and rejoice,And I thank the great Giver for giving
  • 704.  
    I saw the wild honey-bee kissing a rose
    A wee one, that growsDown low on the bush, where her sisters above
  • 705.  
    Just as I shape the purport of my thought,
    Lord of the Universe, shape Thou my lot.Let each ill thought that in my heart may be,
  • 706.  
    Above her veil a shrouded Moorish maid
    Showed melting eyes, as limpid as a lake;A brow untouched by care; a band of jetty hair,
  • 707.  
    Let the old snow be covered with the new:
    The trampled snow, so soiled, and stained, and sodden.Let it be hidden wholly from our view
  • 708.  
    Somebody said, in the crowd, last eve,
    That you were married, or soon to be.I have not thought of you, I believe,
  • 709.  
    Across the miles that stretch between,
    Through days of gloom or glad sunlight,There shines a face I have not seen
  • 710.  
    That was a curious dream; I thought the three
    Great planets that are drawing near the sun With such unerring certainty begun
Total 710 poems written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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So let them pass, these songs of mine,
Into oblivion, nor repine;
Abandoned ruins of large schemes,
Dimmed lights adrift from nobler dreams,

Weak wings I sped on quests divine,
So let them pass, these songs of mine.
They soar, or sink ephemeral-

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