Who is Delumozie Sandra Uche

She was born on 20th May, 2002. A Nigerian writer who believes she lives to write. She writes everything, songs, movies, poems and even children's stories. She is from Obosi, Anambra State. An undergraduate of Unizik....
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Delumozie Sandra Uche Poems

  • Hope For Tomorrow
    Two moaning moons for tomorrow
    Four glamorous mirror for a marrow
    In our desert - like throats;
    Lies water in its peak ...
  • Indigo
    Songs blow up air
    Music breaths us life
    Uncorker glamours the heart
    When the heart governs the brain ...
  • Clouded
    Ice falls like anger
    When struck! anger evokes
    Then the sun shines on it, it melts
    It has solution. ...
  • Green Visions
    I'm curious about you, miss Niger
    At sixty, you're unmarried yet you are filled with children
    I term it underdevelopment, oh! unprogressive damsel.
  • Aqua Memories
    I would like to write a short story, too strong for a novella
    Not longer than a thousand line, and not shorter than a hundred page;
    But my pen wills me a poem, sipping from the tank filled with our liquid memories
    My pen struggling not to drown for thus, the love is so heavy ...
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Didier : I love your style. From Kenya
I_am_a_writer: You need a mentor
But you are trying, with a mentor you will bloom
Ezekiel: A young rising great writer, this is what our country needs...young talents
MaryCynthia: She's a budding poet, keep the light shining
Empress : Great budding poet

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