purple rain! if you only knew how much I hated and how much I hurt
maybe you would love this color too. the emblem of penance and eternal regret
but if eternity is not lived, it is difficult to understand.

violet. it's the color that dresses me. it protects me from love, from forgiveness
it carries me on immaterial wings. away from carnal red
away from the yellow of light and forgiveness

you took my hands, I can no longer punish
you took my legs so I can no longer run and find
but you left my eyes, they are looking. and you can't hide

you dress me in purple. I am your new hierarchic
you worship evil. you are looking for the shadow of my protective wings
but there comes a time. the payment also comes. with interest rate

the rain that washes you… burned. you wait in the desert.
let’s do it. again and again, and again…
to the end of eternity