Life Is Complicated,
Comprising the Loved And Hated;
When Humans Look At You And Smile,
Keep From Them A Thousand Mile.
They Are Never Keen On Your Upward Call,
But Always Watch Out For Your Downfall.
So If Anybody Must Do,
Let God Smile At You.
Life's So Complicated,
Comprising the Loved And Hated.

Life Is Complicated,
Comprising the Righteous And Wicked;
Many Live And Grow In Sorrow,
Wishing You'd Never See Tomorrow.
They Feel So Bad And Sad
That You Grow And Live So Glad.
You Think And Think For 'Why'-
They Just Wish You Slump And Die.
Life's So Complicated,
Haboring The Righteous And Wicked.

Life Is Complicated,
Emaciated And Dilapidated;
The Good Ones Frequently Grow Sick
And The Faithful- Constantly Weak.
But The Wicked- Healthy And Strong
And Live Longer To Just Do Wrong.
Oh! What Have We To Say?
Nothing! But Just To Pray.
She's So Complicated,
Emaciated And Dilapidated.