Sighs. The long journey began with a step,
It all seemed like yesterday.
But despite the raging and stormy waves
God has brought us safely thus far.

He has adorned us with Glory
We paid the price in tears
But now He's lit our faces with smiles
And now we reap in Joy.

Do you remember those days,
When we had naught but hunger for food,
When we slept with grumbling stomachs
And flooded our pillows with tears?

But now, we can look past those days and smile,
The pains and pangs have vanished in memory,
They have all drifted to insignificance.
Though they were, but for a while.

True, weeping may tarry till night
But joy comes with the morning.
There's light at the end of every tunnel,
A silver lining at the face of every cloud.

Come, friends come let us cry,
Not for sorrow but for Joy.
Come, friends, let's wipe away our tears,
For our God has conquered our fears.

Now having come thus far, we need not fear
But put our trust in Him who's brought us thus far
That come rain, come shine or come what may,
He who's brought us here will surely guide us home.