Can I hang my heart on the armpits of your palms,
I can not take your pain away,
But surely I can make it better,
I know am no doctor neither a traditionalists,
But can you let my love cure your dilapidating heart?

Can I please romance those scars to heal,
Can I please speak a melody of love onto that cracking heart of yours,
Can my words of love,cloth your wounded heart,
Can I bandage those bleeding scars with only a scent of my true being.

Woman of my native,
I know many men's had came before me,
Seeking the gold in between your thighs,
They dressed as holy as a lamb,
They spoke softly as fibre,
You saw the reborn of Romeo on them and you became Juliet,
Only for the love to live and die tomorrow,

But look at me as I am,
Seeking gold in richness,
I only carry love on my lips,
I carry eternity in my heart,
I seek refuge in your camp heart,
My life as a hobo is over since I've met you,

I would not promise you anything,
Cause if I do,
What difference would I be from them,
I would not dream and wish,
But I would give the feet's of my love to you,
Cause my heart,is at the peak of joy,

My native woman,
You made me climax without having sex,
You made my heart create its own heart beat,
Truly this is love,

I love you,
Would you save me from this pool of loneliness?