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    WHEN fallen man from Paradise was driven,
    Forth to a world of labour, death, and care; Still, of his native Eden, bounteous Heaven
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    SOUND not the Horn!--the guarded relic keep:
    A faithful sharer of its master's sleep: His life it gladden'd--to his life belong'd,--
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    A FIRST walk after sickness: the sweet breeze
    That murmurs welcome in the bending trees, When the cold shadowy foe of life departs,
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    HOW Memory haunts us! When we fain would be
    Alone and free, Uninterrupted by his mournful words,
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    WHERE the red wine-cup floweth, there art thou!
    Where luxury curtains out the evening sky;-- Triumphant Mirth sits flush'd upon thy brow,
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    THY name was once the magic spell, by which my thoughts were bound,
    And burning dreams of light and love were wakened by that sound; My heart beat quick when stranger tongues, with idle praise or blame,
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    LOVE not, love not! ye hapless sons of clay!
    Hopeâ??s gayest wreaths are made of earthly flowersâ?? Things that are made to fade and fall away
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    OH! if the winds could whisper what they hear,
    When murmuring round at sunset through the grove;If words were written on the streamlet clear,
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    KNOW ye in ages past that tower
    By human hands built strong and high? Arch over arch, with magic power,
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    SHE is standing by her loved one's side,
    A young and a fair and a gentle bride, But mournfulness hath crost her face
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    A WORD is ringing thro' my brain,
    It was not meant to give me pain; It had no tone to bid it stay,
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    THEY loved one another! young Edward and his wife,
    And in their cottage-home they dwelt, apart from sin and strife.Each evening Edward weary came from a day of honest toil,
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    I do not love thee!-no! I do not love thee!
    And yet when thou art absent I am sad; And envy even the bright blue sky above thee,
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