A Man

Really...? Is it easy to be a man
Well...! That's what I thought
That's what everyone think... damn!

Men were born with entitlement
in this world
That's what I observed
That's what I listened
For a longest time, that's what I noticed

When I stepped out I realised
Being a man is a difficult thing
I realised every man pretending stablized

Men don't cry!
I always think "why?"
Because tears are the sign of fears
And a man always bears
What a thought, what a statement
That causes a man's abatement

Man... a predator
Another norm to suffer
Norm that a man is predator looking for a prey
Looking for a woman to cheat and betray

Man suffers all these taunt
That make him daunt
All the time he hears ' BE A MAN'
Yes... he should and he can
He should be a man who cries
A man having tears in his eyes

Society says men will be men
I say they should be a men
A man who rises his voice
Against a destroyer who destroyes

A man should cares for woman's emotions
No matter all his frustrations
A man should respect every girl
Even if his life his a compressed curl

But what about a man
What about dreams that a man own

Don't let his wishes decline
Just because he is a musculine
He has a dignity
So.. don't let it down regarding any

Vansh Lalwani
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