Broken Me

Mysterical visage
Sparkling eyes
Envisioned mind
Teensy regret
Vulnerable heart
Breathtaking smile
Silent sorrows
Haisty pace
Admiring beauty
Melancholy cries
Eternal bliss
Wondering dreams
Midnight wake
Fingers intertwined
Restless meetings
Unstoppable limit
Pulse fluttering
Soft zephyr
Dark secrets
Courageous ability
Twinkling desires
Reminiscing memories
Accidental touch
Wholesome passion
Yearning deeply
Hard fantasy
Intimidating proximity
Burning faith
Consistent pain
Broken thoughts
Broken Me

(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/10/2021

Poet's note: Hey guys. This was me. I was broken once. But now I am so broken that no one can ever break me more. That means now I am strong.
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