The Four Days

Nonchalant, i was just working out,
was lied and smiling at some shit of my trainer.

He, doing something biceps or triceps, standing behind the curtain, looking at me, i, coincidentally, looked at him but instantly took off my eyes as of thinking it to be just one of those random eye contacts guys make.

Next day,
still lied down, still smiling but being on the other side.
Can see him coming towards my aerobic corner, again looking at me and i, this time, maintained that mutual contact for some nano seconds longer.

He has fabricated kinda good physique but what i had had noticed first in him, his height. It was perfect and so his smile.
His eyes gets dinky with every inch of his smile, making him more cuter.

Building eye contacts, continues for two more days, blankly because of the only four days a month he used to come.

The aftermath emptyness, making me wait for him more vigorously.

What he has initiated, now mutated into an infatuation.
I find myself in cottonto, glancing at the door and ending at washed up.

How he used to go through my eyes, I'm prone to pursue myself for subsequent four days' gaiety.

Sakshi Singh
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