Pain I Had

The pain washing away
The pain locked away.
Let it go.
Get rid of it.
No more pain.
No more hurt.
A weight removed.
Laying in at his feet.
Tears rolling down cheeks.
This pains grip is holding tight on me.
I try to shake it.
I try to let it go.
I can't get it off.
I can't help Myself.
God help me.
God's taking it from me.
It's at his feet.
This fear.
This pain.
The hurt.
Claws digging in my skin.
I bleed out.
I'm sad.
I need help.
God help me.
God helped me.
He took it away.
No more pain
No more hurt.
No more darkness in me.
God tool it all
Washes off my shoulders with waves. I am free of this pain.
Of the hurt.
I am free.
I am with god who saved me.
Who freed me.

Nicole Fryer
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