Enter: Night

Bring on the night----
Where those dear play,
And where freaks come out anyway
Go ahead, bring on the night.

Bring on the night---
Where travel is often and much go,
Where the travelers are on the go,
So bring on the night.

Bring on the night---
The creature of the night reign,
As they come out like stars with flames,
Yes, bring on the night!

Bring on the night---
Of every drug dealer and dope head
The hookers walking like the dead
Yes, bring on the night

Bring on the night---
Every baby's mama hanging tough
Late night creepers who think they're rough,
Just bring on the night!

Late night watchers watching so,
Bring on the night!
Creepy crawlers crawling you know,
Bring on the night!
Day turned trippers,
Bring on the night!

Coffee drinking tippers,
Bring on the night!
That's right bring it on,
Bring on the night!
Bring it on!
Bring it on and on and on...

Kenneth R. Jenkins
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