Poems About Pokies

My poems about pokies, a tale to tell,
Of spinning reels and fortunes to swell,
With each coin dropped, a chance to win,
At Pokieslab, where the games begin.

From Lightning Link to Queen of the Nile,
Each game a journey, a thrilling mile,
With bonuses and jackpots, the fun won't stop,
At Pokieslab, where the pokies pop.

So come and play, with luck on your side,
At Pokieslab, where the winnings abide,
With endless choices, a world of chance,
At your fingertips, with just a glance.

My poems about pokies, a love affair,
With each spin, a story to share,
At Pokieslab, the place to be,
Where the games are hot and the wins are free.

Karl Shady
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