I love when you near me
I coulda do this for eternity, you and me
I'm a good boy but for you will drop out
No madness here just silver, gold and two hearts
Really, just know its good from me
When you need that I will let you have it

I'm not notorious, baby, bit of jovial
Right hand up treat you good and pretty
Little pretty little thing you so Mary Virgin
Texture and feet as they stump on that ground
My heart beat too follows
I took you nice, took you my Angel
No need to cry all is well this way

You not a foreign now, just a Queen
No palace, no crown, no subject
But I, Guess you are my Elizabeth
Still starve more of you now. Really next to you
Make you star possible in all ways
Your perfections just made me open my eyes
Move away, I gon' to cry, baby, beautiful
I need you right now, perfect beautiful

Jova Petr
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