As a child I dreamt of many things
Astonished by the joyous imaginations that life brings
Ideas that developed into experience
Toppled my very intelligence

I live each day as an adventure
With hopes of success and many more
In pursuing dreams, one may think is wild
Dreams that where programmed as a child

Everyday I put in my utter best
With hopes of being better than the rest
Yes! It makes sense
But the road however is very tense

I build action plans with dates to achieve
It will happen I do believe
It's not overwhelming but rather quite simple
Have faith and everything is possible

Goals give us focus
Having thoughts of becoming a doctor or a nurse
My goal is my passion
A great man in the future I envision

My goal as a youth was just about making merry
But then thought of how youths ended up in the cemetery
By college I was unsettled by my probing thoughts
Admiring the brilliance of astronauts

I then realized there's only change
With only a smashed goal that could pay the wage
I finally had to set my goals
And rebranded my thoughts as a whole.

Jerry Bangura
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/11/2023

Poet's note: Talks about achieving ones goal and the challenge faced when doing so.
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