Choruses From My Heart

The eagle soars in the summit of Heaven
But my heart lingers in the bossom of thy love
With a perpetual configuration of melodious cacophonies
Rhythms that conquer the Julius in me

So hear me now my delight
But let me be more nearer
Not nearer to distant lands but to thy embrace
On thicky meadows under the twinkling of unfading little stars
Where the souls of those devoted to love go to glow

Let us go then, you and I
Yonder the streets that bear tedious gossips
And though I am no conqueror,
Let me protect you like Caesar Julius

Papers for letters are queer
But when I count we are one
Let me hold your hand and walk you across these streets
And sing for you a "rock n roll" composed of
The Nunc Dimittis.

Elikem Akakpo
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