Earth-shattering beauty walks with you,
Linked arms, shoulder-to-shoulder
Stars burn themselves for the tan of your skin
Your hair curls look so soft and well-kissed
Lucky them!
Your curves edge the sun closer to earth,
And summer always follows close-by
When all humans are just bodies against bodies

You gaze upon the moon and he blushes in eloquence
I wonder how many whispers and licks trickle down your thighs every night
Do you know how the wilderness drives the untrained mad?
Well, that's me, Darling whenever I reach my arms out and you are not in my embrace
I dreamt of you every night, asking for more
More love, more kisses, more words
But somehow I am always left thirsty
Every day I wait for more
More love, more kisses, more words
Only to find out that the wells have dried up

The sea has finally replaced your love
And she left a sweeter taste on my tongue.

Eliah Leon
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/14/2023

Poet's note: admiring
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