Hey There

Hey There,
That day when I got a match with you
I was not sure whether to talk with you
From that day I was sure I will soon get attach with you
that is my only weakness I have
I will try to keep this thing alive forever
Because I don’t want to lose you ever
So I was there at time at the airport
But I was observing you there, I know I was lying
But after seeing you there I was slowly slowly dying
Your pink watch ,blue hand bag, little eyes and your smile
I was observing your every expression deeply because I know you were mine
That was a perfect date I had ever in my life
I will make sure that I will be your husband and you will be my wife.
Every day I think about you
Just want to spend more time with you
I wish I will get another chance to express how I feel about you

Devyan Das
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