Hungry Eyes

Hungry Eyes,
Longing for every sight,
Whether of virtue or vice;
Be it wrong or right.
Dying for a glance
At every single chance.

Hungry Eyes,
Looking here and there,
Searching for something nice
To pick up and stare.
Noble or ignoble,
Every sight a spectacle.

Hungry Eyes,
Take heed,
listen to my advice,
It's all you'll ever need.
Read, be wide-eyed,
And be satisfied.

Hungry Eyes,
When you see the strange ones
Learn not to look twice,
But flee temptations.
Lest you take in the devil's picture
And destroy your future.

Hungry Eyes,
The slightest admiration
May be lust in disguise-
A great transgression.
It may be all
The devil need to make you fall.

Hungry Eyes,
Tame your greed,
Throw up the devil's lies
And discern what you heed.
Abstain from evil
And resist the devil.

Hungry Eyes,
Listen to what I say,
And it shall make you wise
If you but trust and obey.
Feed your appetite with God's word
And He shall save you from the world.

Christian Ken Israel
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