Dear Lord

Faith in You is the first thing
Followed by the faiths of your created:
I know few of myself,
Let me know little about my life,
The miracles You shaded on me
Are still dark and firm on me.

You're the only giver
That gives without being fagged-out
You surrounded me with your blessings
You gave me parents that love me
With caring siblings around me
Nobody is beyond your idea
You had constructed everything for me
Giving me a sane of life
As my steering wheel.

Dear Lord, Oh Dear Lord!
The love I have towards you is out of sane
I don't have the brain that can elucidate it
I only know that I love You
I don't know you but I heard of you
I saw many of Your signs around me
And around every livingthing
You let everything be
And You refrain everything not to be

I never touched beer
I don't like to walk bare
I have Your fear
My heart is in full gear
To cherish whatever You share
I lost my brain with its layer
What I did was I meditated
The faith I have in You.

Abubakar Mohammed Musa
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