Love The Only True Meaning Of Peace.

I wanted to get married to peace, to live with her for the rest of my life, I knew with her in my life, life would be a heaven on earth
but then I was told that her pride price is love.
Love is peace…
I walked in mazes and hellions as paths to my journey,
Walking with you is; Walking in a haze of happiness with joy in tranquility of peace

Love the only cure to war…
I’ve been liberated from the shackles, and chains of insecurities, fears and self doubts
A battle born with humans, only when I found you did I win my battle.

No wonder ‘Beast' became a beautiful soul,
‘Beauty' a heart of transcendent love flowing down from the river of peace.

Love is you…
I was always at war with myself.
Feeling alone in a crowded house, talking to myself in my mind
Enjoying blissful and blistering torments and Torture until I found you;
Until my mind intertwined with yours
Until my demons collided with yours
Until my angels hummed along with yours
Until my magnet met your metals
Until I dived into the ocean of true serenity in your eyes
I never knew no peace.

Peace is a vibe
Peace is a vibrational being we must all have as neighbors to our hearts
Not just for our domicile-world

Abigail Galadima Musa
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