Demand And Supply

I’ve read ancient scriptures
I saw mothers and wives
Queens and empresses
High in mighty ranks
Sober in different kinds
Meek and cool in heart

I’ve thought of lost jewelries
And remembered my heart
I’ve thought of the walls of Jericho
And revived my heart
I saw your kind
And assure myself
That love, I can
And love, I will

I saw a straight route
From your down to my up
And a clear vision of our future
From our dim past

A woman whom
My kids’ll be proud to call mother
That I can happily call, my wife
A woman that will interpret my silence
And give the best response
A woman whom all women will jealous
For the possession of such jewel

In you I want
Faith, strength, love, trust and care
Because in me
You’ll find grace, support, trust and loyalty
A father, husband, companion and partner
And together
We’ll build progress, joy and success
A happy home, comfort and daily beauty

Try us
And you’ll find a light cross
Try me
And you’ll choose to remarry me afterlife
I’m trying you because
I want to be yours forever

Abdulazeez Toheeb Babatunde
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/14/2022

Poet's note: Romantic, love, trust, proposals, vows and prayers
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