Bai Juyi Poems

  • 51.  
    an evening sitting under
    the eaves of the pinesat night sleeping
  • 52.  
    Remnants of sun ribbon the river--
    half and half, black river red.Third night, ninth month lovely hour;
  • 53.  
    The days of my youth left me long ago;
    And now in their turn dwindle my years of prime.With what thoughts of sadness and loneliness
  • 54.  
    The western wind has blown but a few days;
    Yet the first leaf already flies from the bough.On the drying paths I walk in my thin shoes;
  • 55.  
    Those who speak do not know, those who know are silent,
    I heard this saying from the old gentleman.If the old gentleman was one who knew the way,
  • 56.  
    Her tears are spent, but no dreams come.
    She can hear the others singing through the night. She has lost his love. Alone with her beauty,
  • 57.  
    â??Those who speak know nothing;
    Those who know are silent.�These words, as I am told,
  • 58.  
    Cold cold 3rd autumn night
    Peaceful leisure one old manLie late lamp go out after
  • 59.  
    Part part plain on grass
    One year one wither flourishPrairie fire burn not destroy
  • 60.  
    My new province is a land of bamboo-groves:
    Their shoots in spring fill the valleys and hills.The mountain woodman cuts an armful of them
  • 61.  
    At Hsin-fëngâ??an old manâ??four-score and eight;
    The hair on his head and the hair of his eyebrowsâ??white as the new snow.Leaning on the shoulders of his great-grandchildren, he walks in front of the Inn;
  • 62.  
    For fifteen long years,
    Times without numberI have come
  • 63.  
    For ten years I never left my books;
    I went up ... and won unmerited praise.My high place I do not much prize;
  • 64.  
    In waters still as a burnished mirror's face,
    In the depths of Wei, carp and grayling swim.Idly I come with my bamboo fishing-rod
  • 65.  
    Since the disorders in Henan and the famine in Guannei, my brothers and sisters have been scattered. Looking at the moon, I express my thoughts in this poem, which I send to my eldest brother at Fuliang, my seventh brother at Yuqian, My fifteen brother at Wujiang and my younger brothers and sisters at Fuli and Xiagui.

  • 66.  
    Mountain monks facing chess sit
    Board on bamboo dark quietShine bamboo no person see
  • 67.  
    We share all these disappointments of failing
    autumn a thousand miles apart. This is where
  • 68.  
    Melancholy steps before red peonies
    Evening come only be two branches remainBright morning wind start cope blow exhaust
  • 69.  
    North of Solitary Mountain Temple
    and west of Chia Pavilionthe water's surface is flattened
  • 70.  
    From my high castle I look at the town below
    Where the natives of Pa cluster like a swarm of flies.How can I govern these people and lead them aright?
  • 71.  
    When I was almost forty

  • 72.  
    Little child paddle small boat
    Drift pick white lotus backNot know hide trace
  • 73.  
    Tears utmost gauze cloth dream not succeed
    Night deep before palace press song soundRed cheek not old favour first cut
  • 74.  
    A length setting sun spread water in
    Half river emerald half river redLove ninth month first three night
  • 75.  
    I enter the court
    Through the middle gateâ??And my sleeve is wet with tears.
Total 75 poems written by Bai Juyi

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 by Sara Teasdale

I gave my life to another lover,
I gave my love, and all, and all-
But over a dream the past will hover,
Out of a dream the past will call.

I tear myself from sleep with a shiver
But on my breast a kiss is hot,
And by my bed the ghostly giver

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