I walk through the front door
My mind is blank,
Not knowing what was done the night before.
And for the pain, I have him to thank.
At least he got his score,
I head to the shower,
Undress and faced with a mirror.
Was this all to prove power?
What happened becomes clearer.
Just some cuts and bruises, no need to be sour
The water burns,
Streams down raw cuts on my back.
I scrub and still your mark returns.
I squeeze my eyes shut to only see black.
Eyes open and the nightmare returns.
I step out, look at my reflection
Who’s that girl,
Looking in my direction?
I squeeze my eyes shut, to give it a whirl,
Eyes open to see no correction.
I remember the first tear falling,
How he dismantled my body
Soon, I’d be bawling
But I can’t tell anybody,
I had plans today,
So get your shit together
My dad took off this Friday
So we could boat in such nice weather.
I told myself I was fine,
And put a bathing suit on this body,
That didn’t even feel like mine.
My dad’s face dropped when he saw me,
‘Did a bear attack you”
He asked carefree,
because he knew that couldn't be true.
But a monster had attacked me,
And this I knew.
I smiled back and forced a fake laugh,
I told him his clumsy daughter
Had fallen from a tree
I said “lets go to the water”
No need to worry.