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  • 51.  
    (By the Children's Anti-School League.)

  • 52.  
    1. Because pockets are not a natural right.

  • 53.  
    (The law compels a married woman to take the nationality of
    her husband.)
  • 54.  
    “I don't pretend I'm clever,” he remarked, “or very wise,”
    And at this she murmured, “Really,” with the right polite surprise.“But women,” he continued, “I must own I understand;
  • 55.  
    (”The Latin man believes that giving woman the vote will make her less
    attractive.”-Anna H. Shaw.)
  • 56.  
    The New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage is sending out
    leaflets to its members urging them to “tell every man you meet, yourtailor, your postman, your grocer, as well as your dinner partner,
  • 57.  
    (”I hold it as a fundamental principle and so do you, that every people
    has the right to determine its own form of government. And untilrecently 50 per cent, of the people of Mexico have not had a look-in in
  • 58.  
    There are no homes in suffrage states,
    There are no children, glad and good,There, men no longer seek for mates,
  • 59.  
    (”I hate a woman who is not a mystery to herself, as well as to
    me.”-The Phoenix.)
  • 60.  
    No, it isn't home neglecting
    If you spend your time selecting Seven blouses and a jacket and a hat;
  • 61.  
    Oh, there you go again,
    Invading man's domain!It's Nature's laws, you know, you are defying.
  • 62.  
    Lovely Antiques, breathing in every line
    The perfume of an age long passed away,Wafting us back to 1829,
  • 63.  
    (”Every true woman feels--”-Speech of almost any Congressman.)

  • 64.  
    With apologies to James Whitcomb Riley.

  • 65.  
    (”Good heavens, when I think what the young boy of to-day is growing up
    to I gasp. He has too many women around him all the time. He has hismother when he is a baby.”-Bernard Fagin, Probation Officer.)
  • 66.  
    “The Michigan commission on industrial relations has discovered,” says
    “The Detroit Journal,” “that thousands of wives support their husbands.”
  • 67.  
    (A speaker at the National Education Association advised girls not to
    study algebra. Many girls, he said, had lost their souls through thisstudy. The idea has been taken up with enthusiasm.)
  • 68.  
    In 1875 the Supreme Court of Wisconsin in denying the petition of women
    to practise before it said:
  • 69.  
    (A by-law of the New York Board of Education says: “No married woman
    shall be appointed to any teaching or supervising position in the NewYork public schools unless her husband is mentally or physically
  • 70.  
    (A woman engineer has been dismissed by the Board of Education, under
    their new rule that women shall not attend high pressure boilers,although her work has been satisfactory and she holds a license to
  • 71.  
    (About 465 years after Villon.)

  • 72.  
    (”Where on earth did the idea come from that the ballot is a boon, a
    privilege and an honor? From men.”-Mrs. Prestonia Mann Martin.)
  • 73.  
    (”Three bills known as the Thompson-Bewley cannery bills have been
    advanced to third reading in the Senate and Assembly at Albany. Onepermits the canners to work their employés seven days a week, a second
  • 74.  
    Is it true that the English government is calling on women to do work
    abandoned by men?
  • 75.  
    (”My wife is against suffrage, and that settles me.”
    -Vice-President Marshall.)
  • 76.  
    Last year the shops were crowded
    With soldier suits and guns-The presents that at Christmas time
  • 77.  
    (”Our laws have not yet reached the point of holding that
    property which is the result of the husband's earnings andthe wife's savings becomes their joint property…. In this
  • 78.  
    1. Because no woman will leave her domestic duties to vote.

  • 79.  
    (”I am opposed to woman suffrage, but I am not opposed to
    woman.”-Anti-suffrage speech of Mr. Webb of NorthCarolina.)
  • 80.  
    (”Women are angels, they are jewels, they are queens and
    princesses of our hearts.”-Anti-suffrage speech ofMr. Carter of Oklahoma.)
  • 81.  
    With apologies to Lord Tennyson.

  • 82.  
    “My dear,” he said, “observe this frightful bill,
    Run up, I think you'll own, against my will.If you will recollect our wedding day
  • 83.  
    Hippolta, Penthesilea,
    Maria Teresa and Joan,Agustina and Boadicea
  • 84.  
    If you have beauty, charm, refinement, tact,
    If you can prove that should I set you free,You would not contemplate the smallest act
  • 85.  
    Men are very brave, you know,
    That was settled long ago;Ask, however, if you doubt it,
  • 86.  
    (”The women of this smart capital are beautiful. Their
    beauty is disturbing to business; their feet are beautiful,their ankles are beautiful, but here I must pause.”
  • 87.  
    Father, what is a Legislature?

  • 88.  
    “Woman's place is in my home.”-Appius Claudius.

  • 89.  
    “Only the worst of them vote.”
    “Are not the suffragists frights?”“Nietzsche's the person to quote.”
  • 90.  
    Charm is a woman's strongest arm;
    My charwoman is full of charm;I chose her, not for strength of arm
  • 91.  
    (An Indiana judge has recently ruled: As to the right of the
    husband to decide the location of the home that “home iswhere the husband is.”)
  • 92.  
    I went to see old Susan Gray,
    Whose soldier sons had marched away,And this is what she had to say:
  • 93.  
    Women love self-sacrifice
    Suffering and good advice;If they don't love these sincerely
  • 94.  
    “Mother, what is a Feminist?”
    “A Feminist, my daughter,Is any woman now who cares
  • 95.  
    1880-Anti-suffrage arguments are being worn long, calm and flowing this
    year, with the dominant note that of woman's intellectual inferiority.
  • 96.  
    Said Mr. Jones in 1910:
    “Women, subject yourselves to men.”Nineteen-Eleven heard him quote:
  • 97.  
    That in 1869 Miss Jex-Blake and four other women entered for a medical
    degree at the University of Edinburgh?
  • 98.  
    (An Englishwoman whose income has stopped owing to her two sons having
    joined the English army, was taken care of last night at the FlorenceCrittenden Mission.-Press Clipping.)
  • 99.  
    Democracy is this-to hold
    That all who wander down the pike In cart or car, on foot or bike,
  • 100.  
    (”Vile insults, lewd talk and brutal conduct were used by the indicted
    men to frighten respectable women who went to the polls in Terre Hauteat the last election, asserted District Attorney Dailey.”-Press
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