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  • Love's Plea
    I love thee, my darling, both now and forever,
    My heart feels the thralldom of love's mystic spell,
    'Tis fettered with shackles which nothing can sever,
    To the heart which responds to its passionate swell. ...
  • Nature's Child
    I love to tread the solitudes,
    The forests and the trackless woods,
    Where nature, undisturbed by man,
    Pursues her voluntary plan. ...
  • Humanity's Stream
    I stood upon a crowded thoroughfare,
    Within a city's confines, where were met
    All classes and conditions, and surveyed,
    From a secluded niche or aperture, ...
  • Nature's Lullaby. - A Mountain Nocturne
    In forest shade my couch is made.
    And there I calmly lie,
    With thought confined in pensive mind,
    And contemplate the sky; ...
  • Life's Mystery
    I live, I move, I know not how, nor why,
    Float as a transient bubble on the air,
    As fades the eventide I, too, must die;
    I came, I know not whence; I journey, where?...
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  • Hojojutsu: the unkowable, by alfred castner king - draco-magne: o! sun, resplendent in the smiling morn, as thou dost...
  • Manas_akram: passing of the storm,1907,alfred castner king
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Luna Rose Izquierdo: I absolutely love the poem. I am 20 years old and am not far from a child but it is so beautiful and related to me as in how I feel about nature. The only part I want to say something about, only because I have been in the worst situations with the worst kind of people and even not seeing that fact, is " In him the child of nature sees."
I feel that so many people on this earth, especially men, dont see nature in the way you described in your poem. Most I've encountered, don't even blink an eye or notice nature. So, men as a whole it seems you were saying, child or not, they just don't see. And it saddens me. I'm not downing the poem, as it is my favorite. Thank you for your view of the world. Some people really need that.

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